Dispensing Cyanoacrylate Instant Adhesives 101: Methods and Applicators

Dispensing Cyanoacrylate Instant Adhesives 101: Methods and ApplicatorsCyanoacrylate instant adhesives are high-strength, one-part formulations that securely join together dissimilar materials like rubber, plastic, wood, and metal using surface moisture or atmospheric humidity as a catalyst. Cyanoacrylate adhesive cures quickly, turning into thermoplastic resin at room temperature and creating a functional bond within seconds.

When selecting a cyanoacrylate dispensing system, there are many factors to consider.

This eBook will provide a foundational overview of the types of super glue dispensing systems available and what factors you should consider to ensure successful dispensation.

The following guide explores:

  • Common challenges when dispensing cyanoacrylate
  • Types of cyanoacrylate applicators/dispensers
  • Automated & semi-automated dispensing systems
  • How to select a cyanoacrylate dispensing system

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